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Fe Powertools hole cutter / annular cutter cutting oils and lubrications

FCO stands for Fe Powertools Cutting Oil. This very strong power oil is specially made for cutting, drilling and tapping applications in the metal and steel industry. This fantastic cutting / lubrication oil is not just a coolant product but this cutting oil also gives your tools the extra cutting power they need. The composition of the cutting / lubrication oil consists of paraffanic mineral oils with anti wear additives and anti fog additives. It is a general cutting oil for processing all kind of steel. The compostion of this oil makes it a perfect, recommended product for the machine shop where 1 type of oil is used for the maximum number of operations in different metals.



FEHS Fepowertools handspray cutting oil in aerosol of 400 ml is also available  (packed per 12 pcs).Oil programm









Specially for stainless steel we recommend to use another type of FCO cutting oil, the FCO S. This FCO S oil is general cutting oil for processing stainless steel and other very hard materials with high tensile strength. The mainly different between the FCO and FCO S is the sulfur additives in the FCO S .

All the FCO oils guarantee an :

-universal use

- oxidation stability

- minimum fog formation

- large cutting capacity

- a long service life of tool


When you have to work in inverted postion with your machine or when you have to work on the hardest matels, we advise you the FCP ( Fe Powertools Cutting paste). Thsi paste is very adhesive and does not leak down like oil. It will ensure you better cutting and cooling. Another advantage of this paste is that the paste does not leave a grease stain on the material, which cutting-oil often does.